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If you need to remove rubble in Johannesburg, we at Reliable Rubble are just the people for you. We efficiently remove rubble from houses, big and small construction sites and even from complexes, but in small amounts because of complex rules. Nothing is too big or small for us to handle.

With our quick turnaround time, and our hassle free commitment to our jobs, all you need to do is call us once and we get rid of all your building rubble, tree felling waste, garden refuse and any other form of refuse.

We offer our services throughout great Johannesburg from Randburg, Parktown North, Fourways, Bryanstaon, Sandton, Midrand, Blairgowrie, North Riding to the Eastand, Alberton, Befordview, Germiston and more. We handle all our operations from our base in West Rand.

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Our house and domestic jobs are carried out using a 6 ton truck. However complexes usually don’t allow a 6 ton truck to enter their premises because of their narrow entrance gates and paving weight limits. This is why we suggest the use of 1 ton loads in such situations.

All our trucks are loaded by our own staff, and nothing needed to be done by your staff. We can load as many as 4 loads per day. Our 6 ton trucks have a capacity which is slightly more than the capacity of a 6 cube-skip, but has added benefits.

Our first priority is offering our customers efficient rubble removal solutions for their cluttered building sites or homes. You thus need not worry about any rubble or garden waste in your home as the simple solution of rubble removal can make your life so much simpler and better. In case our truck cannot be parked within 4 meters of the rubble, we charge an additional labor fee of R300.00.

We however do not collect and remove reeds or any form of hazardous waste. We also do not cut trees, and all the rubble from broken down walls should be ready for collection or rather, in moveable form. We also offer this service, if required, at an additional charge based on the job. Our services are closed on Sundays.

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Rubble can be removed from an area using various methods and ways. Some people use variable sized skip bins, where the bins used are of different size, based on the size of the rubble. Some of our trucks even have their own skip bins on its back. The rubble is collected and loaded into the skip bins using special machinery. Sometimes, the entire skip has to be loaded onto the truck, and transported to the dumping site.

This dumping site where the rubble is dumped is a legal building site. Once the rubble is dumped, the recyclable materials are taken for recycling. Recycling is not only friendly to the environment, and is part of the rubble removal process. Sometimes, rubble can grow dangerous if it’s not properly managed. With the right management of rubble, it can lead to a safer and cleaner way of living.

Johannesburg is a beautify city, which is why we at Rubble Removal Johhanesburg all work together to keep it rubble and waste free all the time. We follow our company’s goal of keeping all areas of this beautiful city clean as no job is too big for us!

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