Affordable Rubble Removals in Johannesburg



Looking for the best rubble removal in Randburg? Well, we are the company for you. Our staff have removed all kinds of rubble from homes, construction areas and even large structures, while our turnaround rate is among the fastest in our industry.

When you work with us, we will do everything we can to remove every bit of rubble from your property using the fastest and most efficient techniques available. So if you’re interested in learning more about services then here’s what you need to know.
What Kind of Rubble Can We Remove?

Our staff have the experience and the tools to remove a wide variety of rubble. However, if you’re looking for specific examples then here are the most common types of rubble that we usually deal with.

– Building rubble from construction areas
– Garden rubble from backyards
– Wooden rubble from work areas
How Do We Remove Rubble?

We employ vehicles with skip bins to collect and remove rubble. We then separate those types of rubble which are recyclable from those types of rubble which can only be disposed of. We bring the recyclables to a recycling facility and then dump the rest at a legal disposal site.

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